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At Ocean Drive Elite Physiques, we believe that the cornerstone of a successful fitness program begins with appropriate nutritional program. Nutritional balance and confidence do not easily happen in the Western Diet. Because of this, our goal is to understand your specific goals, analyze your existing dietary habits, and create a personalized, comprehensive nutritional program that allows for success and sustainability.

Coordinated by Mr. Gurny, our nutritional team consists of medical doctors, Ph.D.’s, registered dieticians, personal trainers, and most importantly, you. Based upon your overall goals, a comprehensive plan for nutritional success is created for each client. This physician-supervised nutritional program is monitored by regular consultations, real-time virtual consultations throughout the week, quarterly laboratory examination, and body mass composition.

Our multi-disciplinary team allows us to create successful, individualized plans for nutritional success and weight loss. We are able to track and balance appropriate levels of carbohydrate, protein, and fat intake. Our dietetics services provide ongoing, real-time support for all of our nutritional clients. We support our fitness family through not only counseling, but also by providing forums for nutritional support, successful recipes, and other crucial topics regarding wellness and nutrition.

Our hope is that our nutritional philosophy can augment the success and confidence you feel in life. We consider ourselves lucky to be in our position at Ocean Drive Elite Physiques. By sharing our understanding and love of nutrition with our clients, we are able to create sustainable success in all levels of fitness and body types.   We strive to offer more than just a diet.   We create a fundamental understanding of what works in nutrition, and what doesn’t work in nutrition. Through superior education, we can create confidence in our clientele’, and allow them to succeed in achieving their overall fitness and performance goals.

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McKenzie Flinchum
McKenzie is a Registered Dietician.

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