Fitness Training

Our Fitness Training Philosophy

Initial Thoughts

In the world of health and fitness, it seems there is a new training method or theory that pops up every day. Truth is, all methods or styles are good as long as you don’t hurt yourself doing it. I find it that trainers rely too much on ego and how much their way is better, rather than embracing all concepts. Instead, they should see how they can all uniquely blend together. The fantastic thing about fitness is you can be a forever student. Experiencing new clients so often, it is almost impossible to not develop workout plans with a customized flare. I am fortunate that over the past 25 plus years in the industry, I have been exposed and have experienced so many fun, intriguing, confusing and technical ways to exercise. All the diverse methods still boil down to one main concept, intensity! Intensity is my absolutely favorite keyword when I explain any of our training protocol. Intensity is the way you can have a multi-generational room of people to train and they all will feel they are getting and hitting their own peak point.

Defining Intensity       

When someone hears the word intensity, no fun of any kind is going to seem to come with it. Intensity is the one way to connect people together, they are able to exercise together and achieve the same goals. Sounds good doesn’t it? It really is because over the years, I have noticed what trainers try to make so different, is really the same. I can have students from the ages of 10 to 60 performing the same workout movement and all that is different is the capacity each individual can perform the exercise. It is exercising by personal definition, each person has their own limits and our job as trainers is to help find them. When you can base workouts on intensity level, it can really open up the exercise pallet of what the client can do. A good example is a prepubescent teen should never do heavy resistance training movements but can absolutely perform these moves with minimal or no resistance. As long as children perform exercises with extreme repetition, they can now achieve an intense zone with these exercises. It is the same for adults that would not even consider working out at their advanced age. You find the proper exercise move and perform it with correct form and repetition, intensity is again relative to your audience. Intensity really comes down to how much work and individual can do, in a controlled time frame. Guiding routines by intensity allows the trainer to not set limits for their clients, it helps their clients push themselves through barriers not just through rep numbers. Clients like to be challenged and zoning in on your client’s abilities and limits, is the only way you can help push them past them.

Endless Options

Again, nothing is cookie cutter. No one seeks out a personal trainer to be babysat by an exercise machine, they are looking for someone to make what seems impossible for them happen. The only way a trainer can achieve the best results for their client is to find and know how far they can be taken and pushed. This all has to be done without the client even knowing it’s happening because for most trainers, pushing equals puking. It doesn’t take a genius to make someone puke, especially if they are a novice at exercising. It takes a trainer with a sound ability to know when too much is too much and also when it’s time to push more. Everyone who enters our door is a potential superstar and through intensity based training, they will feel like it!