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Enter our Versa Challenge

Be ready to challenge yourselves for a great cause, Ocean Drive Elite Physiques is  proud to have The Mardy Fish Children’s Foundation as our donations recipient for this fun 3 month event. MFCF provides children opportunities to participate in fitness, nutritional and enrichment programs to prepare them to live healthy and productive lives.
We use sports as our textbook but teaching a child the skills to learn to reach beyond their grasp is the most important lesson we will ever deliver.

Every team of two will be put to a 40min test of will, to attempt to overthrow Christopher Gurny and Ivan Lendl’s Versaclimber climb total. All teams must call to schedule their time trial so it may be validated by our trainers. One minute interval changeover sprints is how this challenge is done, concluding at 40 min ( if you make it that far). The challenge begins April 1st ( no joke ), all are welcome to sign up and will also receive a ODEP t-shirt. For any questions call (772) 234-5403
Good Luck!

Lendl-Gurny Challenge

Ivan Lendle & Chris Gurny

Lendl-Gurny Team

Ivan Lendl and Christopher Gurny Challenge you to beat them on the Versa Climber.

Think you can beat Ivan Lendl and Christopher Gurny on the Versa Climber? Enter the Lendl-Gurny Versa Challenge for a chance to win prizes.

The Fitness Challenge

Open to teams of 2

Beat the current top climb total and win

Entry fee, minimum donation $25.00

Proceeds Benefit the Mardy Fish Foundation

Winners Receive

1 Complete Body Composition Analysis

1 Free Nutrition Plan

1 Month free of Private Gym Usage

2, 1 hour Private Training Sessions