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Personal Training

Fitness Training

Personal Training

An Ocean Drive® personal fitness trainer will design a customized fitness program suited to your current fitness level and challenge you to meet your goals.  Our personal trainers will  give you all the tools you need to make a real transformation. Our exercises are energizing and can include weightlifting, HIIT, and martial arts. With hard work and our expert guidance, you will see measurable results.

Stretching Classes

Stretching Exercises

Our spacious fitness center allows for plenty of space to stretch out. Our personal fitness trainers will help you to improve your stability and flexibility by teaching you the best stretching exercises to prevent injury.


Healthy Meal Planning

Ocean Drive’s comprehensive nutrition program is designed to help you succeed at the gym and at home. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of fad diets, but in reality consistent weight loss comes down to proper nutrition, quality exercise and lifestyle change. OCEAN DRIVE ® nutrition programs can include lab testing so that you can have measurable results.


Bodybuilding Competitions

Whether you are looking to improve your stage presence or are just getting started in body building competitions, our experienced personal fitness trainers can help you prepare for your next competitive sporting event. We specialize in women’s figure and bikini competitions as well as men’s bodybuilding competitions.

Athletic Performance

Performance Training

Getting drafted or selected for your college or pro sports team is more competitive than ever. Our sports performance training program can help you improve your game and get noticed. Our NASM certified trainer will help you improve your speed, agility, strength and endurance . Combined with our martial arts training you’ll be mentally and physically ready for game day.

Massage Therapy

Sports Massage

Our OCEAN DRIVE® sports massage will help treat your injuries and as well, is an excellent treatment for preventing future injuries. Our massage therapies will also address the health of connective tissue, improve your range of motion, muscle symmetry, and your posture.

Tennis Workout

Tennis Fitness Workout

Meet us at the Boulevard Tennis Club. Ocean Drive Elite Physiques is proud to be the premiere provider of fitness and wellness services for members of the Boulevard Tennis Club. The Boulevard Tennis Club offers an amenity-rich, members-only tennis complex catering to all levels of players from beginner to professional, and with a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel right at home.


Christopher Gurny, Personal Trainer
Christopher Gurny
Owner & Manager
Owner & Manager Christopher Gurny grew up in the Bronx, NY with a love and passion for baseball. Gurny found himself… Read More
George Ilyadis
George Ilyadis
Personal Fitness Trainer
George began a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified training regimen in 1991, resulting in both improved athleticism and… Read More
McKenzie Flinchum
Mckenzie Flinchum, RD, LD/N
Registered Dietician
McKenzie Flinchum, RD, LD/N, is a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist. McKenzie studied at University of Florida and later enrolled… Read More
Leah Smith, Personal Trainer
Leah Smith
Personal Fitness Trainer
Leah Smith is a personal trainer from Vero Beach with a special interest in mindful movement and alignment. She discovered… Read More
Carl Guincho, Personal Trainer
Carl Guincho
Personal Fitness Trainer
Personal Trainer Qualifications: -College athletics and personal training for 10 years -W.I.T.S. Certified at Indiana River State College -Worked with… Read More
Elena Jacinto
Elena Jacinto
Licensed Massage Therapist
Elena Jacinto has an extensive background in the area of health and wellness. She began working as a physical therapy… Read More
Gunnar, Personal Trainer
Gunnar Flinchum
Personal Fitness Trainer


"Chris is the best - his workouts are always customized and different every time - he makes working out fun and always entertaining - he knows his stuff!"

Mike Swan

"Elite Physique's is amazing! Chris is an outstanding trainer!"

Jennifer Pippin

"Chris you are the absolute Best!! Thanks for NEVER giving up on me!! Love Ya buddy"

Becky Stonecipher-Nardi

"The absolute best and most knowledgeable trainer around. Best results received with Chris at the helm of your training and nutrition program!"

Joanne Quaile


At Ocean Drive Elite Physiques, we offer flexible membership plans to accommodate your fitness goals and budgets. Not sure if our private fitness center is right for you? Get your first session free!  Our flexible plans have no contracts so, you can pay-as-you-go. Whether you are getting ready for a special occasion, prepping for a fitness competition, we have a membership plan for you. Get addicted and get great discounts when you sign up for our Elite or Premier plans. Any way you go, you’ll get results.



Private Training

10 Pack


Prepaid Personal Training

Training & Nutrition

S950/3 mo min

Ocean Drive Elite


Training, Nutrition, & Wellness


Private Training


Includes private workout with one of our personal trainers in any of our specialty areas.

  • Fitness Assessment
  • Private Training
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • No Contract

10 Pack

10 Private Training Sessions


Includes fitness assessment and 10 private workout sessions with one of our trainers in any of our specialty areas. Get 10% off all non-surgical cosmetic treatments and retail at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery.

  • Fitness Assessment
  • 10 Private Training Sessions
  • 10% off nonsurgical cosmetic treatments & retail

Training & Nutrition

Personal Training & Nutrition


Includes fitness assessment, 10 private workout sessions with one of our personal trainers/month, nutrition consultation with our Registered Dietician, meal planning, bi-monthly check-ins, regular phone & email support with our Registered Dietician.

  • Fitness Assessment
  • 10 Private Training Sessions
  • 10% off ODPS nonsurgical treatments & retail
  • Nutrition Consultation with Registered Dietician
  • Bi-monthly check-ins with Registered Dietician

Ocean Drive Elite

Training, Nutrition, & Wellness


Includes fitness assessment, 10 private workout sessions with one of our personal trainers/month, nutrition consultation with an Ocean Drive Registered Dietician, meal planning, bi-monthly check-ins, phone & email support with Registered Dietician, 2 advanced metabolic profiles (lab draw and interpretation of results), choice of 1 OCEAN DRIVE® Fusion Therapy session/month, 1 Swedish massage/month, and 15% off of all regularly priced non-surgical aesthetic treatments and retail products at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery.

  • Fitness Assessment
  • 10 Private Training Sessions/month
  • 15% off ODPS nonsurgical treatments & retail
  • Nutrition Consultation with Registered Dietician
  • Bi-monthly check-ins with Registered Dietician
  • 2 advanced metabolic profiles
  • Interpretation of Lab Results
  • 1 Nutritional Fusion Therapy/month
  • 1 Swedish Massage/month


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